Thursday, October 15, 2009

Final Renovations  


I have finally completely renovated my staff blog to my liking! Now that that buisiness is all said and done, time to move onto allof the posting I haven't made yet!
Hope you all our still reading this staff blog!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

358 days over 2...  


The Game: Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

The Console: The Nintendo DS

The Rating: 10/10

The Good: Awesome graphics, story, and characters. Expansive story and mission modes

The Bad: Camera( people say they are having trouble with this but I haven't discovered any problems)

The Review:

When you first load up up the game, you get the title screen with the oprtions to start story mode or mission mode. I jumped right into the story mode and created a new file, instantly after a great intro started to play using the same song from the Kingdom Hearts 2 intro. The intro displays and talks about all 13 members Organization 13, the main characters of the game. Afterwards, It goes to Day 255 and shows a cutscene between Roxas and Axel(to of the Organization members) talking about why the sun sets red. then aftermthat, it goes immediately back to Day 7, when another cutscene was shown, this time about a fourteenth person joining the Organization. Her name is Xion. The first couple of days give you tutorials on the basics like the command menu and limit breaks where as the rest of the missions can range from "Investigate the New World" to "Defeat Six Giant Heartless" each having there own difficulty levels. Grasping the controls are easy, like using the d-pad moving your character, x scrolling through the command menu, etc., which makes the game very much comparable to its Playstation2 counterpart. The gameplay is fantastic whether you are fighting a small heartless to a big boss. Now whe =n people first heard that this game would be based around a mission mode, people thought it would ruin the franchise. It didn't. As a matte rof fact, it made the game suit the Nintendo DS even better. It also incorporated a new customization system involving panels that could be used to change your characters weapons, items, abilities, and usable magics. That was a huge success too. The system is very simplistic, not have any guidelines like "two of the same color panel cannot touch" or "two of the same panel can't be in the same row or column." Instead of that, all you need to do is arrange the panels how you please to attain abilities and such! Now that I have explained all of the stuff I could think of that you really need to know about story mode, I will move on to mission mode.
For mission mode, just go back to the title screen and select the option mission mode. From here you can either select solo or multiplayer both of which requiring you to load a save file or load the guest file. In both modes of mission mode you can play as all 13 members of the Organization and equip all your panels from story mode to any of those characters. Starting with solo mission mode, you can play as any of those characters and play any missions you unlocked in story mode. In multiplayer mission mode, you can do all of the same things, except you can also play with and compete against up to three friends, making this form of mission mode one of the best.
After you clear the game, you unlock yet a nother mode on the title screen, theater mode. This mode allows you to watch over and over again all of the cinematic cutscenes that took place in the game.
That concludes my review for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Please check back for my next review!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Plumber! Plumber! Fix My Wii!  


Yesterday as you all know I released the little known information about Super Mario Galaxy 2. Now it is said to have a release date in 2010 because... Mario makes his first side-scrolling Wii debut in the 2009 holiday season.
New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Kinda has a ring to it, no? Well that is the name of Mario's second Wii game(excluding Mario and Sonic)and the reason we won't get our hands on Galaxy 2 for a little while.
This game looks amazing. In the trailer it is revealed that it will have new forms of Mario and Luigi, its 4 player, and that it has surpassed the expectations for a Wii side-scroller that Wario Land Shake It set. Be ready to see a lot more of the famous plumber in the rest of 2009 and all of 2010!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Plumber's Return Trip to Space  


At a recent conference, Nintendo has announced the anticipated game, Super Mario Galaxy 2. Yes, it is true. In the teaser trailer on, Mario is riding on Yoshi and it looks like Bee Mario is make a comeback. Now this game is supposed to have a lot of new levels and it also seems that it might sort of be like Super Mario World. Not much is known but I will keep you informed.

Friday, May 22, 2009

How evil is Elmo? Part One  


We all know that familiar, red fluff-ball of a creature named Elmo. As a matter of fact, most of us probably have very fond memories of learning the alphabet or something along those lines, all because of him/her/it. But, did you all know of....The dark side of Elmo???
"There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone."
-Rod Serling(1948-1975)
Those exact words describe how I will show you how evil Elmo really is... You have just entered, the Twilight Zone...
This story will be described in first person, as I was there, and, I am telling the story.

It was a while ago. I mean, why would I still have dreams like that? Every night, when I fall asleep, it's always the same. In my dream, I am a news reporter. I always get as far as announcing the score of the Phillies game and then the ground ALWAYS starts to shake. But because my mind is slowish, I never realize I have just had the same dream until I well, wake up. As if the ground shaking isn't scary enough, the earth beneath my feet shatters and then I remember how much I hate the circus...
Surrounding me are clowns. Each one armed with their own "playful" make-up and miniature cars. But what freaks me out the most, and almost always makes me wet myself(JOKE,) is the fact Elmo, yes the one who sings about his goldfish, is their gruesome ringleader. It's not even that he looked scary though, it was his physical presence. I would always, and I mean always, I wake up before I get killed...By Elmo.
I told you about the dream because it is key to his- I mean, my, survival story.
About a morning after that same dream occured, I smelled something burning. Now because I was only half awake, I didn't bother and fell back asleep. As my eyes closed and soon re-opened to the circus, the devilish ringleader's face met mine.
"Hello, little boyyyyyyyyyy!" He said in a sing-song voice, for only a second disguising the bloodlust in his eyes.
"Elmo...." What was I supposed to say?
"You have been a very very BAD boy, Mr. Cameron!" The demonic ringleader twisted his head as he spoke.
I backed away. "What are you talking about?" I guess I never knew I was even dreaming.
The creature who has called himself my childhood friend lifted a fish bowl out of his bloody cloak. The fish inside, Swimmy I believe, was dead. Its cold body floating upside down. "This was your fault, Mr. Cameron! You must pay the price, you will!" With that, Elmo smashed his friends glass tomb on the ground and picked up, well, a piece of glass."Pay the price o' get Elmo a mocha!" The sing-song tone was replaced with that of a vicious creature.
I looked around. I was surrounded by the clowns and about to be killed by Elmo, Count of The Clowns. I backed away. Reality came to me, but I still wasn't awakeIf this was a dream, I thought, then I could do anything. "Here is your mocha!!!" I drew, out of thin air, two sub-machine guns, fully loaded.
"Dat ain't no mocha! It-" Before the psychotic muppet could finish, I began to unload my lead into his fur.
The creature began to scream. Suddenly, the environment changed. It was only me and him/her/it, Elmo facing the edge of a cliff, me in front of him.
With the final release of the piercing bullets, I walked over to my most hated puppet. "I hope you get lead poison!" I shot my foot out to meet his face. He fell. So did eye. What happened was, as I slammed my foot into his mouth, he/she/it clamped its jaws down, taking me down.
As we fell, the scene changed again. We stood, facing opposite to each other, on a large rock flowing down a stream of lave. Before I could do anything, Elmo drew...A lightsaber.
Yes, he did just grab one of those dangerous weapons from StarWars out of thin air. Did that mean he could control the dream. But so could eye.
Oh how I love the sound lightsabers make when they are turned on.
Elmo, seeing I was also armed, jumped at me. No...He flew! What the heck? Was he as fast as that unamable green midget from StarWars(Yoda,I think)? That didn't matter. As he came down with his lightsaber...Mine went right through his chest.
Light came to my eyes as I woke up. Just a dream, I thought.
But it wasn't. Because in front of me, was an army of Tickle-Me-Elmo's...Max version...
(To be continued)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The More The Merrier!  


Okay. So, a while ago I asked the main site master if he could, well, spruce up the staff blogs a little. Remember, this was a while ago. So anyway, his answer was no. Not because of the fact he didn't want to, but the fact there was no point. You have all probably realized next to no one has visited the staff blogs. So why add anything cool like a chatbox?
That is actually a pretty good point. But, if you really want some nice additions to these staff blogs or even to the main site, then, to all of you reading this article, tell all your friends to visit the staff blogs!
Try your best to get them all to visit the staff blogs too.
A staff blogger...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Talks Of MMO...  


There have recently been rumors about SquareEnix in current development of a MMORPG(MassiveMultiplayerOnlineRolePlayingGame) for the PS3, xbox360, and of course, the PC. Now, no one knows at all if this is reliable information but, I will keep you updated anyway.